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The Lighthouse of Alexandria

People who love travelling know that there is no single place that lacks something unique to offer to visitors. It does not matter how small the attraction may be; it is what makes all the difference in the location and to the delight of the visitor.
Tony Fawaz has travelled to different places around the world and has had a chance to behold some sites that not many people know exist. The most amazing thing about Tony is that he is an Arab American who does not really mind the opinion people have of him. He has learnt to survive through the harsh treatments accorded to Arabs, especially because of the claims of terrorism closely connected to some of them.
Although raised in America, he has remained strong in his Muslim faith and does not let the fact that he is an Arab deter him from achieving the things he wants. Egypt is one of the many places he has visited; the lighthouse of Alexandria caught his attention when visiting there. Also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, the lighthouse located on Pharos Island in Alexandria, Egypt was erected back in 247 BC or thereabouts.
It was meant to guide sailors to the harbor at night and amazingly became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for standing strong and tall for centuries. The manmade structure is estimated to have a height of 140m and the reflective mirrors, as well as fire, were used in guiding the sailors. During the daytime it served as a landmark for the island and Alexandria as a whole.
The tall lighthouse is said to be visible over 47 kilometers away with some legendary stories claiming that the light that it emitted could even burn enemy ships as they approached the harbor. Whether that is true or not remains a mystery.
Although not many people know about the lighthouse, it is one of the things you are going to notice on arriving in Alexandria. You can’t miss the amazing manmade structure of Alexandria in any case.
Tony Fawaz in business for so long and so successful it’s no wonder his company is now the biggest flag company in the world – not just the US. For more information about Tony Fawaz blog please visit:

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The Shopping Paradise that is Tokyo

It is everybody’s wish to travel the world and to see all the different things, cultures and lifestyles that each and every country has to offer. For those who find it hard to leave their homes to travel a bit to destinations of choice, it is only fair to rely on the famous stories told by those who have already visited those places.

It is hard for some people to travel from one country to another mostly because of racism and discrimination, or even because of the view some people have of different races all over the world. Tony Fawaz, a Palestinian, has braved all odds and travelled to different countries and famous places regardless of the kind of treatment he gets from some of them.

This Arab American has learnt how to disregard the suggestive looks he gets from different people and even the comments and the questions. Having been to Tokyo, he can only describe it as a shopaholic paradise. The city is the largest in the world and has a population of over 17 million. It is also a very expensive city; actually it’s among the most expensive ones in the world. For those who love shopping, the city has a shopping district known as Ginza where you can find everything one would need and more. The communities living here are great consumers and shopping is a hobby for everybody.

Tokyo has a well developed transport network and the information system in the city is amazingly convenient and friendly. The best way one can see Tokyo in its full and true colors is in the subway. This is one amazing city that will have you spending the cash you thought of spending without a second thought because of all it has to offer.

So, if ever you are in Tokyo and you happen to be a shopping diehard, Ginza shopping district will be waiting for you. With all the boutiques and mega stores numbering in the hundreds, it won’t be surprising that you leave the center with lots of baggage and an empty wallet. The same district has novelty stores for the more serious shoppers or sightseers. There is something for everyone in this city.

Tony Fawaz in business for so long and so successful it’s no wonder his company is now the biggest flag company in the world – not just the US. For more information about Tony Fawaz blog please visit:

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The Great Wall of China

Tony Fawaz is an Arab American and one of those people who have stood the test of time because of the different views people have on various races. Besides the view people have about Arabs, especially after the terrorist attacks, he has managed to put up one of the biggest retail chains in the land where Arabs and Muslims are considered a threat and are always checked twice.

Tony has managed to travel to different parts of the world in his line of business or for the pleasure of visiting various places and has had great experiences on each one of his visits. People all over the world have wished to travel to different destinations of the world, but circumstances and lifestyle, as well as lack of time have rendered such wishes futile. Some of us can relate to the travel stories told by people like Tony Fawaz.
For instance, not many people have been to the Great Wall of China, but Tony has. He says that this is a great archeological piece of work that is a must-see. The wall, found in the northern part of China, has earthen fortifications and a series of stones. The initial purpose of the wall was to protect the Chinese Empire from nomadic intrusions over the northern borders. The wall is not called great for nothing, as it stretches from Eastern Shanhaiguan to western Lop Nur forming an arc on the inner edge of Mongolia.

According to an archaeological survey that is very comprehensive, the wall is as long as 8,851.8 kilometers including all wall sections, trenches and defensive barriers, which include rivers and hills. The wall is so impressive that people make fun saying that it is the only thing one can see from the moon. It has served as a tourist attraction for years and is still standing. Those visiting China will definitely be missing out if they leave the country without having a look at the great wall and taking some memories back home with them.

This is probably the site of the greatest attraction in all of China.

Tony Fawaz in business for so long and so successful it’s no wonder his company is now the biggest flag company in the world – not just the US. For more information about Tony Fawaz blog please visit:

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Pyramids of Giza

To travel around the world is one wish that is shared by a majority of people. However, due to different circumstances and different barriers, not everybody has managed to make this wish come to pass. There is however a majority of people who have managed to eliminate all the hindrances toward getting to see all that the world has to offer. One Arab American, Tony Fawaz, should be on the list. Despite the fact that Muslims, and more so Arabs, are considered to be a threat to security, he has managed to remain confident, brushing off such issues as they arise.

By so doing, he has managed to visit a couple of countries where not many would dare to go for fear of being misjudged. Egypt is one of the many countries he has seen and beheld the different amusing sites it has to offer. As is the norm in Egypt, there are hundreds of pyramids some of which have been standing for years and still manage to take your breath away.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, also commonly referred to as the Pyramid of Cheops of Khufu, happens to be the largest and oldest in Giza. Bordering El Giza in Egypt, it is the ancient world’s oldest of the Seven Wonders and the only one that has remained intact. There are many contradicting theories of how the pyramid came into existence, but the most mysterious thing about the pyramid is its construction and planning. It is however claimed that the normal methods of pyramid construction were used, such as ground scaling, planning and laying out the different parts.

Pyramids are amazing constructions because of how they are done and because they have been able to stand for a very long time. The design and the ultimate outcome of the structures are quite impressive and make them a site to behold. People have travelled far and wide to go and have a look at the structures located in Egypt. The pyramids were initially used as tombs, although later a lot of work was done for decorative purposes and to learn construction.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one thing you don’t want to miss on your tour to Egypt.

Tony Fawaz in business for so long and so successful it’s no wonder his company is now the biggest flag company in the world – not just the US. For more information about Tony Fawaz blog please visit:

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Moreton Bay, Australia

Tony Fawaz, an Arab American, has managed to tread on different soils of different countries of the world - even those who have contrasting views towards Arabs and the Muslim community at large, especially because of terrorism associated with some community members. But besides the close looks and the thorough checks, this Palestine-born and American-raised man has managed to live in freedom and has even put up a very successful retail store in America.

One of the places in which this gentleman has managed to live is Australia. The one thing he found amazing in Queensland Brisbane is Moreton Bay, which is a crucial coastal resource in the region. This small bay is a popular destination both for recreation and commercially. The commercial operators here use the bay to supply the seafood market as the winds and gentle breezes soothe the souls of those who come here to relax and meditate on life.

The shipping channels here do a large traffic as it is a preferred crossing point to the northern section, as well as to the airport. This is because Moreton Bay has less noise pollution compared to the city runways. To serve the large numbers of people, there are water taxis, barges and ferries that travel within the bay.

This bay has sandbanks and is home to different environmental habitats; it has been a conflict zone between the initial European settlers and Indigenous Australians for a long period of time. Currently, the southern islands, as well as the foreshore mainland, are occupied since people settled here. There are off-shore series barriers here; thus the bay is described as lagoonal. The barriers restrict the flow of ocean water making the tidal waves moderate.

Moreton Bay has a shallow depth of 6.8m meaning that light can filter to the seabed. For this reason, marine plants have thrived creating a wonderful fauna seabed. Although shallow, it stretches over 1500 square kilometers and its catchment area is even larger. The blue waters are very fascinating although there are times when the Western area of the bay is green because of algae, and sometimes brown as a result of sediments that are suspended in the water.

This small bay is worth checking out when in Queensland, Australia.

Tony Fawaz in business for so long and so successful it’s no wonder his company is now the biggest flag company in the world – not just the US. For more information about Tony Fawaz blog please visit:


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